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Air Compressor

Air Compressor

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Grab the Air compressor to keep your wheel moving. 

- Suitable forcars, small SUV cars, cycle, and balls 
- A must device for air filling in tyre in vehicle and cycle
- Pin included filling the air in football/soccer
- Continuous work asks 8 minutes
- Personal and home use


- Dimensions (L x W x H): 13 cm x 12.5 cm in x 5.5 cm
- Weight: 300 grams
- Power Source: 12V
- Time limit : Continuous use up to 8minutes
- Use : Play and play from 12V compatible device

Package includes

- x 1 Air Compressor
- x 3 PINS


How can I use Air Compressor?

Air Compressor unit is suitable for small cars, electric cars, cycling, and balls inflatable products.

How does the Air Compressor power up?

The unit is powered up from a 12V compatible device, for example, JUMBO ASSIST. 

How long I can use the Air Compressor?

Air Compressor unit is designed for home and personal use, therefore, the continuous use time should not exceed more than 8 minutes.

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